SAP Consulting and Software Validation



DHC Dr. Herterich & Consultants GmbH, Germany

The Saarbruecken-based consulting firm DHC Dr. Herterich & Consultants has provided assistance in the implementation of SAP Solutions and software validation since 1996 for companies all over the world in the life sciences and medical technology industries. The DHC Method has been the key to our success in over 500 successfully completed projects by integrating:

  • Business Change Management
    Support for the transformation of the business from the old to the new IT landscape
  • Business Process Management
    Tailoring the business processes to the needs of the customer
  • Business Application Management
    Design and configuration of the SAP system precisely aligned to the respective area of responsibility
  • IT Management
    Establishing optimal IT processes to meet business requirements

The expertise of our highly trained consultants is characterized by a combination of process and industry expertise, combined with excellent IT skills, including compliance requirements.

SAP PartnerAs an SAP partner, we rely on SAP technology for the implementation of processes in companies. DHC Best Practice solutions and templates are also based on this technology. This leads to a significant speed and quality improvement in our projects. The design and implementation of our projects is process-oriented, in order to ensure maximum economic benefits.

In order to meet the high demands on the core processes in the Life Sciences (e.g. in quality, IT management and logistics) and the supporting IT systems, we developed our own innovative solutions from the outset. We use this experience and solution expertise today in other industries too, such as manufacturing and automotives.

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