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Business Process Management

Business Process Management

Efficient business processes – A necessary requirement for the efficient use of new technologies such as SAP S/4 HANA Enterprise Management

effizientes Business Process Management (BPM)The Industry 4.0 and Big Data-inspired use of new technologies such as SAP S/4 HANA Enterprise Management results in the most diverse ways to improve processes.

In this way, processes in the workflow can be optimized, handled and monitored in real time to make important decisions faster. Completely new business processes can also be formed from new business models. By better networking and simpler handling of large amounts of data, even very small lot sizes are conceivable in some areas. That means, where previously only mass production was possible, today one can contemplate made-to-order production. There are many possible applications of process optimization.

All these process improvements and new processes can only reasonably be implemented if the company processes are transparent and all versions are known. As a result, the right time has finally come to establish an efficient Business Process Management (BPM) and solidly integrate it into the corporate culture. This is the only way to take optimal advantage of new technologies such as SAP S/4 HANA Enterprise Management.

DHC can assist you particularly well in ERP and ITSM processes using our reference processes and predefined methods. DHC’s Business Process Management is a management concept which is also integrated into the DHC method. With this concept, you can describe, model, control and optimize your business processes. It integrates analysis and modeling, as well as the implementation and monitoring of the performance of their process landscape, focusing on the SAP system landscape in the areas of Purchasing & Procurement, Warehouse Management, Manufacturing, Sales & Distribution, Quality Management, Plant Maintenance, Finance & Controlling and IT Service Management processes (ITSM processes). For system related support, we use SAP Solution Manager or DHC VISION.

Building a BPM can be done as part of the ERP blueprint phase, IT service management project or as an independent project.

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