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Project Quality Management

Planning, management and control of quality assurance in IT Projects

Quality assurance expertise and a structured approach comprise the basis for successful Project Quality Management (PQM). In a wide variety of projects, DHC has already supported its customers by providing a Project Quality Manager (validation manager). Our customers were able to profit from this experience and expertise in both initial software implementation projects, including roll-out / roll-in projects, and the associated integration of the project into their existing change management process.

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The main task of the Project Quality Management (PQM) is the planning, management and control of quality assurance in IT projects, for example as part of validation. Here we either address existing standards or, depending on the project, introduce the DHC method and assist in the construction of the required SOPs. An effective requirements management is just as essential as an effective risk management. As part of the PQM, we also support you in coordinating testing activities. It is precisely here, in test management, that project costs can be saved by a risk-based approach, because you can concentrate mainly on the essential and important tests. For the Go-Live and thus the final implementation, it is essential to plan the migration for the entire extent of your project. PQM should also include assistance in building a support structure to ensure that the delivery of the project can run smoothly in the maintenance phase.

The documentation of the results can either be on paper or IT-supported in other (validated) systems (e.g. in SAP Solution Manager). Effective Project Quality Management can detect deviations in compliance issues early, and thus countermeasures can be taken.

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