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SAP Business Rule Framework plus (BRFplus)

BRFplus, SAP’s business rules management system

The decision-making process is one of the most important processes in a company. The decisions to be made are almost always dependent on fixed rules, the so-called business rules. In order to ensure efficient use of business rules, Business Rule Management Systems (BRMS) are necessary.

For many years, SAP has provided an extensive business rule management system with its SAP NetWeaver-based framework “BRFplus.” With the integration into the ABAP environment, BRFplus enables the creation, management and use of simple, as well as complex, business rules in the SAP environment. In addition to a powerful programming interface, it offers the possibility of using a web-based interface and a focus on modeling so that business rules can be mapped and configured by many users, not only by those with technical experience. Implemented business control logic can be integrated into basically all SAP products to enhance their functionality and to automate processes. It does not matter whether this is ERP or another SAP System (QIM, GRC, Solution Manager, etc.). Using integrated BRFplus rules allows one to make consistent decisions, calculate results or determine deviations.

  • Every company using SAP benefits from the framework’s functionalities and our excellent know-how:
  • The framework provides extensive options to map business rules using BRFplus objects and use their control logic for the extension of SAP applications.
  • By implementing business rules with BRFplus you automatically generate consistent and unambiguous decisions.
  • With regard to request fulfillment, BRFplus grants an opportunity to meet your customer requirements without requiring the expense of a purely ABAP-based development.
  • By using a separate repository for the created BRFplus rules, they will be protected from modification by system updates and can be used easily.
  • The business rules which are implemented by a consultant can be independently adjusted and managed by trained users.
  • BRFplus provides different approaches and views for both IT professionals and for business-oriented users, enabling improved and transparent communication within the company.

Our trained consultants can tell you about the advantages of using BRFplus communication. They can help you identify requirements which can be fulfilled with BRFplus rules and find a suitable solution for you. This allows you not only to save a considerable amount of effort but also to reduce the complexity of many results.

DHC supports you with:

  • Providing expertise regarding BRFplus in the implementation of SAP projects
  • An informed review of requirements in terms of possible BRFplus improvements
  • Identification of possible extensions of SAP applications using BRFplus
  • Comprehensive development and implementation of business rules with BRFplus
  • Integration of created BRFplus rules in the corresponding SAP applications
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