SAP Consulting and Software Validation

DHC Methode

DHC Method

The DHC method was developed based on the company’s many years of experience in business projects. It is specifically tailored to the requirements in the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries and is constantly adapted and optimized for use in various other projects.

The core content of DHC’s own method forms the DHC industry best practices. This is about processes in the areas of ERP and IT Service Management, developed by DHC to represent best practices in the fields of pharmaceuticals and medical technology. Each of the 30 business and 150 detailed processes is also well documented.

To generate optimal value for our customers, part of the DHC method includes content in accordance with pre-configured systems. DHC’s Industry Best Practices are implemented in the process management solution DHC VISION. Thus, the existing processes can be modeled, adapted, configured and then managed in accordance with your business needs. In addition, SAP Solution Manager is a universal management solution application. DHC’s own processes are implemented there by their structure and mapped to corresponding processes of SAP Business Process repositories. In this way, a connection is made to the SAP content, and further information, such as documentation and customizing options, is made available. New content, updates and changes can also be easily transferred. SAP Solution Manager and DHC VISION can be integrated using a concept developed by DHC, and the separate use of the systems is also possible. Similarly, it is also possible to use the content independent of the systems. For the concrete implementation of such a system, DHC offers single rapid deployment solutions for various solutions. A rapid deployment solution consists of a solution package that contains pre-built content and pre-configured systems. These packages make it possible to introduce an SAP system to your company, using a predefined process with a small, predefined number of consulting days, then to adapt it and train the staff accordingly so that the operations can be started quickly. We support the introduction of such a system by using the DHC method with appropriate measures from the project and change management.