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SAP GRC Access Control

SAP GRC Access Control

From a combination of SAP GRC Access Control and nearly two decades of industry knowledge in the life sciences and medical technology, DHC offers effective solutions for managing SAP authorizations. This includes both the creation and the secure assignment of authorizations in your SAP systems.

SAP GRC Access Control is a central software solution for authorization assignment and management. It was developed to simplify access management in large IT systems and provides additional comfort functions for role-based user management and a standardized safety analysis for authorization assignments in operational practice. Unlike a central user administration tool, this software allows for additional tasks, such as requesting and approving authorizations, role management, risk analyses and the so-called Firefighter login.

  • Overview of the functional scope of SAP GRC Access Control:
  • Convenient, web-based authorization management
  • Centralized authorization management of multiple systems
  • Automation of the process to request and release authorizations (using workflows)
  • Flexibility from workflow customizing functionalities and the BRF Plus connection
  • Password self-service to relieve the IT department
  • Risk analysis and automatic checking for Segregation of Duty injuries (SoD)
  • Emergency access with firefighter logins
  • Reporting and analysis functions provide information on assigned authorizations, applications and problems in the risk analysis

SAP GRC Access Control can be used in companies from every industry. This includes both the fields of pharmaceuticals and medical technology as well as the financial sector. The software offers additional features for industries with special legal regulations. These additional features include the accurate logging of individual steps, particularly in the confirmation of applications for authorizations.

  • Based on SAP GRC Access Control, we offer our customers the following services:
  • Creating an SAP authorization concept based on SAP GRC Access Control or a review and extension of your existing SAP authorization concept
  • Introduction of SAP GRC Access Control by adapting workflows to suit your needs
  • Our Best Practice Processes and Requirements accelerate the validation of SAP GRC Access Control on request
  • Implementation of the SAP authorization concept by creating appropriate roles in your SAP systems
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