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SAP Management of Change (MOC)

DHC solutions for Change Management with SAP MOC

SAP Management of ChangeDHC’s solutions for effective change management are based on the combination of almost two decades of expert knowledge of change processes in the life sciences and medical technology industries.

The application component SAP Management of Change (MOC) offers the possibility of recording various types of changes in a centralized system in order to assess the problems associated with the change and to plan its implementation, as well as to approve, implement and monitor it. SAP MOC has proven to be a highly flexible and fully auditable tool for monitoring and implementing changes as well as the corresponding reporting. In addition to the primary intended service, changes can also be integrated from other operational areas.

SAP MOC allows:

  • Managing changes to products, procedures and processes as well as the maintenance and optimization of equipment.
  • Motivating employees to submit amendments via the intuitive user Interface.
  • Tests, authorizations and other actions that are required to implement the change, monitor and organize (e.g. updating documentation, training materials or master data).
  • Custom templates for use in reducing the introduction and implementation costs.
  • Ensuring that employees follow company / industry specific change procedure to guarantee compliance with safety regulations and to minimize interference.
  • The use of digital signatures to better safeguard change processes.

SAP MOC is a generic framework which helps you map different change processes. Various SAP systems can be integrated, but non-SAP systems can be too (with the help of open interfaces supported by ABAP systems).

  • Industry-tailored implementation of change processes with SAP MOC consisting of design, configuration and programming of customized solutions.
  • Compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements (such as GxP) as an integral part of the implementation.
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