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SAP Quality Issue Management (QIM)

DHC’s solutions for the management of quality problems with SAP QIM

DHC’s solutions for effective management of quality deviations are based on the combination of almost two decades of expertise in quality management processes in the life sciences, medical and manufacturing industries, as well as excellent knowledge of SAP Quality Issue Management (QIM). In close partnership with SAP SE, we are currently conducting some first-time implementation projects.

The application component SAP QIM offers the possibility of recording, editing and monitoring the processing status during the entire problem-solving process, all in one central system. SAP QIM therefore presents the entire problem-solving process, from collection through to the final evaluation of the solution, including different SAP systems and non-SAP systems. In this case, applications can be realized which go beyond traditional quality management, e.g. as improvements or service requests.


SAP QIM allows:

  • Role-based access to quality problems and quality measures via worklists
  • Creation of new quality problems, identifying quality measures and to determining the responsible editor
  • To automatically determine the partner, codes and procedures at the level of the quality problem and the Quality measures, i.e. a rule-based Determination
  • Quickly and efficiently create quality measures using measures templates
  • To request action and feedback from the problem or measures editor, depending on the type of quality problem and type of measures
  • To verify the effectiveness of the quality measures which have been initiated (separate Status)
  • To utilize user requirements-related terminology in a customizable user Interface
  • To represent quality problems hierarchically
  • To use a variety of the delivered problem types and actions
  • Intuitive operation with a web-based, customizable user Interface

SAP QIM is a generic framework that helps you map out all kinds of problems and ideas as well as supporting you in your continuous improvement process. Various SAP systems, such as SAP ERP, but also non-SAP systems can also be integrated (with the help of supported ABAP systems open interfaces).

DHC’s solutions include the industry-tailored implementation of quality management processes with SAP QIM consisting of the design, configuration and programming of customized solutions. Compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements (such as GxP) are an integral part of the implementation.

  • An integrated solution and central entry for editing and monitoring quality problems from other applications and systems (e.g. FMEA, audits, quality reports and claims)
  • standardized and efficient processes for dealing with problems such as the rule-based determination of partners, codes and procedures
  • comprehensive analytical functions that go beyond application and system boundaries transparent documentation of the problem solving process and thus improved cost control
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